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Buy MAGA, Again Using A Credit Card via Mobilum –

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Let's Make America Great Again, AGAIN!

Are you tired of virtue signaling narcissists trying to infringe on your rights?

Do you want to keep grown men out of the women’s restroom?

Are drag queens trying to read books to your children?

If your answer is YES, then you are normal.

Join our community of other sane patriots to win this election and take our country back!

$MAGAA is the only crypto token that generates money to push conservative messaging and pro-Trump adverts.

There is a 1% fee on all $MAGAA trading, and this money directly converts into donations for Trump’s campaign and advertising all across America!

We’ve already donated over $300,000 to Trump and put up Trump ads in New York Time’s Square!



1 billion $MAGAA
1% Sell tax:
1% Buy Tax

These taxes get used to fund Conservative initiatives, buy up ad spaces promoting Trump 2024 and the $MAGAA token, donate to conservative charities

and other patriotic causes. This money is NOT being kept by the team or being used to profit.





There are multiple ways to buy $MAGAA, click below to learn more!

Buy Now on Uniswap (Advanced)


1. Make sure you have a phone or browser wallet that is already loaded with Ethereum.

(If you don’t know what this means, this method may be too advanced for you and you should consider trying another method.)

2. Connect your wallet to the Uniswap window on the right, or go to the website directly here:

3. Choose the asset you want to trade for $MAGAA, usually Ethereum, USDC, or USDT. If you are using Ethereum, you cannot use 100% of your Ethereum balance, because some Ethereum is needed to pay for ETH network fees.

4. Click through the approval, signature, and swap processes on both Uniswap and in your wallet.

5. Confirm the final transaction.

Buy Now with Coinbase Wallet (Beginners)



Download Coinbase Wallet

Follow all the on-screen instructions to create your wallet. You do not need a account. Scan the QR Code with your phone to download.

how to buy qrcode



Buy Ethereum (ETH)

Ehtereum is needed to buy and swap for $MAGAA and other tokens. Tap the “Buy” button on the app, make sure the Network is set to “Ethereum”, and input the amount you’d like to buy. The app will take you through the process.

how to buy usd



Swap Ethereum for MAGAA

Go to “Swap”. Make sure Ethereum network is selected, then Choose asset and type in “MAGAA”. The correct $MAGAA token will be at the top of the list. The rest is straightforward.

$MAGAA Contract Address: 0x9EBb0895bD9C7C9dFAB0d8d877c66bA613Ac98Ea
how tu buy swap eth
Watch Video Guide
Buy Now with Card (Beginners)

Buy In 5 Minutes

Buy $MAGAA through our partner using most major Credit Cards and Debit Cards.

Just follow the prompts in the window on the right. No KYC is required for purchases up to $1,000.

$MAGAA should deliver to your wallet within 5 minutes of purchase. If you experience any issues, write us:

* Restrictions apply to how much MAGAA you can buy without going through an identification verification process.

Watch Video Guide
Buy via Exchange (Easy)

Become a MAGAA Patriot

Lock shields with us as we shove a middle finger in the face of Soros DA’s, activists judges, and sell-out RINOs! Receive real-time alerts to engage in missions that mobilize millions of Americans in lock-step to take our country back from pedophiles, traitors, and CCP-owned politicians. Only together can we Make America Great Again… AGAIN!